We are operating in the market since 1977. Activities are conducted at various addresses in Tartu. From today, the moment we are located in Tartu Ropkamõisa 10, were previously Lembitu an E on the second floor, offering its services all over Estonia. Our team goal is the restoration of upholstered furniture with high quality and based on customer specifications. The works are carried out through the ages for many large companies, organizations, and famous people all over Estonia. Upholstered Furniture restoration of Estonia’s previous champion has concurrent championships under the guidance of learned and developed. There are few such champions, who have retained the same basic skills and know-how (knowledge) as the restoration was done 100 years ago. This area is two to three champions remained in Tartu.

Since 2008 the company expanded its team and maintaining the same basic skills and knowledge, as taught in Estonian at the time, we offer an innovative service to the reconstruction of old and new furniture upholstered furniture manufacturing. Upholstered furniture designed by customers such as the shape the customer wants, and it looks like it formed a suitable environment.

We provide quality service at reasonable prices!

Spring also made upholstered furniture prices to melt!

* Soft furniture restoration
* Skin sewing
* Turning the various components of wood-turning
* WOOD Restoration

About tel.5285173 or info@pehmemoobel.eu
NB! We are located at a new address now: Ringtee 37A, Tartu, Estonia.